Wearing heels can be a very painful experience. However, it is not to resign yourself and completely say goodbye to them: here are some tips to get back to wearing the shoes you like.

Arches and bones ache like there’s no tomorrow, legs get tired and muscles cramp. For more, you have been wearing comfortable shoes that have pampered your feet for months, so one night with those precious stilettos and the next day it seems that you had walked barefoot on hot coals.

High shoes make your legs look more shapely, stylize your figure and give that irreplaceable touch of distinction that a special occasion such as a gala or a wedding deserves. And there is no reason to resign yourself to a life without them. If you are wondering how to fix it, this article is for you.


You have to get used to your shoes, and they to you. Of course, you want to wear them as little as possible, but if in addition to putting on heels for the first time in a long time you wear new shoes, it will be worse. Wear your shoes at home, take advantage of a couple of days when you don’t have to stand for too long and put them on.

The materials will stretch and be more comfortable. Also consider for this, when choosing, that natural materials adapt and mold much better than synthetics. Also, if the soles are too smooth and slip, you will notice in time to scrape them or put an anti-slip on them.


Covering your feet with a thin layer of talcum powder works wonders to prevent rubbing that ultimately leads to blistered feet. It works as a sock to reduce the friction of your footwear.

It also keeps your feet cool and dry. Less moisture inside the footwear also results in less friction and less suffering.


A good quality insole will absorb shock and make the experience that much more pleasant. In addition, it will better accommodate your foot so that it does not twist inside the shoes, and it will make your bones not suffer as much as a result of a while in heels.

Of course, it is key to take this factor into account when choosing footwear: the insoles take up space, and also a footwear that is too open can cause them to be seen or displaced. Ideally, you should try on your shoes with your insoles before buying.


Consider this your secret weapon and your first aid kit: foldable flat shoes, the kind that you can tuck into your purse in no time, will be your great allies.

Having a gala night does not mean that you should be there from the time you get dressed until you return with your heels on. Save the heels for when you want to be seen in them, and wear ballet flats in the meantime. In the worst case, if you don’t feel good in your heels, you also have emergency shoes.


When choosing your footwear, it is also wise to pay attention to the practicality of the heels you wear. This you probably know already: the type of heel that your body lifts does have a direct influence on the experience of walking on them.

A stiletto can be very nice, but it is not a good idea for a shoe to wear on a night when you have to walk or spend a lot of time on your feet: your footprint is unstable, and your muscles force to compensate and maintain balance. In those cases, opt for wider heels that give you a stable footprint.


A pedicure session, in addition to beautifying your feet, will leave them free of hardness and the friction of long nails that can hurt you in narrow shoes. Since heels put a lot of work and pressure on the balls of your feet and toes, this is vital.

In truth, at a certain point in life this goes from being an extravagant luxury to a basic necessity. And you deserve it too.


From time to time, when you sit down and can do it discreetly, under the cover of the table or tablecloth, you can take off your shoes for a moment to stretch your feet and arches a little.

As with all exercise and exertion, stretching and rest are essential to avoid pain later.


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If you are going to wear heels two days in a row, it is not a good idea that they are the same shoes. It is better that you alternate and use different shoes, because too much time on the same shoes will end up costing you blisters and pain, no matter how cautious you are.

Give yourself time to rest with hot baths and salts. For the next night choose another pair that does not tighten in the same place.


After the 60s, this model has, in addition to being very classy, ​​a couple of tricks under her hat. After watching Julia Roberts and Emma Thompson take off their shoes at a Golden Globes ceremony, she gave her advice on how to get to the end of the night with her shoes on.

According to the veteran model, an infallible trick, if they are closed shoes, is to tape your third and fourth toes together. This gadget will help make your footing much more stable in heels.

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