If your feet spoke, what do you think they would say about you? Pay attention to these recommendations and choose the shoes that best suit your day to day.

Let her raise her hand who, when she gets home, has that secret pleasure called taking off her shoes and throwing them away. Our day to day forces us to go from one place to another at a dizzying speed and, many times, the shoes we choose are not the most suitable for this. Foot pain, chafing, blisters and even wounds are some of the surprises we find after having been away from home all day, either working or leisure, having worn insufferable shoes.

And it is that, although comfort should always prevail when choosing a shoe model, we do not always comply with it, since some of the designs we fell in love with do not meet this premise. And most important of all, not all women need the same type of footwear. Imagine a woman who is sitting for eight hours in a row, obviously she is not going to ask her shoes the same as the one who goes non-stop from one place to another. Your shoes have to adapt to your day to day.

So, since we can’t go barefoot all day (and we know how much we like to sin from time to time by climbing into good heels), we’ve put together a little guide to finding the perfect shoe for your needs. It will come to perfection.

You spend a lot of time standing
This category would include all those women who spend more than forty percent of their time in work standing up, including those who carry out commercial work or work in sectors such as health, hospitality or tourism, but who They cannot wear sports shoes. If this is your case, it is best to bet on a model with a medium-low heel, between two and four centimeters high, and a good lining that provides support and comfortable support for the foot.

You spend time on your feet but you can go with ‘sneakers’
It is the same case as before, except that the dress code is much more informal in their workplace and they can go to work with sports shoes. When choosing them, opt for those that are made of a quality material, to avoid especially problems of scratches, and that have an ergonomic sole to avoid damage with the tread. You have to think that we are going to put them to great use and therefore do not skimp on prices.

The perfect shoe

You don’t stop for a moment
Between work, where you can’t sit for more than half a minute, and the rest of your daily tasks, you literally don’t stop. This is the case of almost twenty percent of women, those who work in the education, fashion, art and leisure sectors. A shoe with a heel of two centimeters high (maximum) will be ideal for you; yes, look for a model that combines with your favorite outfits to enjoy to the fullest.

From work to event
If your case is that of those women who go from sitting all day in the office to afterwork (generally those who have an administrative or executive profile), you need a shoe that gives you a few centimeters in height thanks to a high heel, but that in turn absorbs the impact of the heel and facilitates the tread thanks to the fact that they are made with high quality materials.

Even so, and despite the various situations in which each of us work, we must think about being as comfortable as possible and despite the fact that we have always been told that to show off we have to suffer, we are over that and we prefer to be like with slippers around the house.

To the question “tell me what shoe you are wearing and I’ll tell you how you are” we will answer: comfortable and practical, which is the best, right?

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