Shoes over here, shoes over there. If there is something that is not missing in a woman’s wardrobe, it is footwear. Yes, shoes, slippers, flip flops, ballerinas and everything that can be put on your feet. It is a feminine obsession. In fact, it doesn’t matter that we have a hundred and a mother in the closet. If we go shopping, new ones fall. Although we do not know exactly for what occasion, although they end up spending most of their lives in the shoe rack, even with the label on. The idea is to have; have many. For what it could happen. And now that Halloween is approaching it can be a perfect excuse to add a new model to your collection.

The paradigm of the woman in love with shoes is Imelda Marcos, a controversial Filipina, an icon in her country, who while married to the no less controversial dictator Ferdinand Marcos, came to have a whopping 1,060 pairs. She could practically sport a different model every day of the week for three years. Almost nothing. In fact, thanks to her obsession with footwear, the expression ‘imeldific’ is used to speak of ostentatious extravagance, something that the 87-year-old woman showed off in 1987.

Your shoes define you

If you consider yourself an imeldifica on a smaller scale, let me remind you why women’s shoes are so important. In other times, they were seen as a less relevant accessory and barely inspired what women’s footwear inspires today. Nowadays it is a hallmark that transmits values, trust and says a lot about the personality of those who wear them. Yes, because there are psychologists who assure that it is possible to glimpse the character of a woman by the footwear she wears. Tell me what shoes you’re wearing and I’ll tell you who you are, basically. Among those that sweep are those with heels, how could it be otherwise, those with high stiletto heels, ballerinas and short sandals …

But do you know what the shoes you wear say about you? For example, those who wear colored sneakers are emotionally stable, cheerful people, surely more outgoing than the rest. Not always wearing eye-catching footwear in terms of colors means that you are the soul of the party, but it is true that if you do it is because you are a woman with confidence in yourself and who is not afraid of other people’s glances. Drawing attention is something that sometimes makes you uncomfortable, but if you wear Sandra Mart shoes, for example, it is because you recognize yourself as a daring and self-confident woman. You appreciate luxury, quality and exclusivity.

They assure at the University of Kansas that whoever buys the last pairs that go on the market reflect a good economic solvency, but this is not always the case. What is certain is that perhaps they are more concerned with pleasing others and with appearance than with loving themselves more. This does not mean that if one day you have a whim and you just got paid, you cannot throw the house out the window, but in the vast majority of cases the pattern is usually the one mentioned.

And for Halloween?

We can take advantage of these dates to get some exclusive Sandra Martt shoes. You will surely make a difference. And do you already have yours? You can buy them here.

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